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URGENTE: Auxílio de R$600 é APROVADO para mais uma classe de trabalhadores

Can emergency aid be returned in the amount of R $ 600 in the second installment?

A total of R $ 600 in emergency aid was paid last year in five installments. He missed it, mainly because the values ​​are currently 150 R $, 250 R $ and 375 R $. Since the announcement of the 2021 edition, much has been reflected in the reduced amount the government is paying.

Even with the start of payments, during which beneficiaries have already received from January, February, March, April and May, the prospects for a return of the benefit in installments of R $ 600 are still in detail, as in 2020.

Firstly, immediately, the budget is a major constraint to the return of emergency assistance in the amount of R $ 600. It turns out that PEC Emergencial has agreed to a limit of R $ 44 billion outside the spending ceiling so that the government can pay four installments of emergency aid in 2021.

However, opposition party leaders met this week to unify the left’s rhetoric on emergency aid. During the meeting, they covered the topic:Fighting for emergency aid in the amount of R $ 600There is still no way out of how to do this under the current scenario, as the government has already begun to push out the new aid and the amounts are less than the groups are asking for.

Initially, party leaders said the meeting would be important in an effort to create an image of unity on the left in opposition to President Jair Bolsonaro. So the purpose of the meeting in question was to try to standardize the discourse. The fight for emergency aid of 600 BRL is very strong.

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“A very united meeting, in harmony with the parties, to confront the crisis and defend the Brazilian people,” said Giuliano Medeiros, president of the United Socialist Party. So he was one of the presidents who posted photos of the meeting on their official social networks.

The government paid R $ 600 as of mid-August last year. Soon after, the government reduced the amount to R $ 300, and even stopped the benefit for about three months. Now, aid is back at lower values ​​than it paid last year. See with oera:

Emergency aid of BRL 600

According to official information, the government began paying new emergency aid on April 6. Since then, informal workers born in January to May have received the first payment of the benefit.

The government’s idea is to pay four installments in total for this assistance. Values ​​range from 150 Rials to 375 Rials. The vast majority of people will receive even this smaller amount. This worries many people. It is with R $ 150 that not much can be bought in the market today.

The law establishing emergency aid allowed payments of up to two beneficiaries per family, so the amount of withdrawals could reach up to 1.800 BRL. See the amounts paid in the base amount of R $ 600 in 2020:

  • Joint beneficiary: BRL 600
  • Two common beneficiaries1.200 BRL
  • Woman provider1.200 BRL
  • A woman is a breadwinner and another common beneficiary1.800 BRL

In the past, R $ 1,800 was permitted only for a family that had a woman without a husband as the head of the household, and at least one person under the age of 18 and another person entitled to the benefit (for example, a child over 18 or an unemployed brother about job).

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Emergency aid of BRL 600

The bill amends the 1993 law, which deals with the regulation of social assistance in the country. According to the text, during the five-month period, emergency aid of R $ 600 was granted to workers who, at the same time, fulfill the following requirements:

  • Older than 18 years;
  • He has no official job;
  • Has no social security benefit or assistance, is unemployed or has a federal income transfer program, except for a family allowance;
  • The monthly income of a person reaches half the minimum wage or the total monthly household income reaches three minimum wages;
  • That in 2018 he did not earn a taxable income higher than R $ 28,559.70.

Assistance will be cut off in the event of non-compliance with the above requirements. The text also states that the worker must engage in the activity on the condition:

  • Small Entrepreneur Single Entrepreneur (MEI); or
  • An individual contributor to the public social security system who is self-employed; or
  • An informal worker, whether self-employed or self-employed, is registered in the Federal Government Social Programs Individual Register (CadÚnico), until March 20, 2020, or who fits the above-mentioned monthly family income criteria.

The proposal stipulated that only two people from the same family could receive emergency assistance cumulatively and a Bolsa Família allowance, and the Bolsa Família grant could be temporarily replaced by emergency aid, if the amount of aid was more beneficial to the beneficiary. The unofficial worker, the head of the family, was expected to receive R $ 1,200.