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About 60% of taxpayers expect to receive a refund of R,000!

About 60% of taxpayers expect to receive a refund of R$1,000!

The 2024 Personal Income Tax (IRPF) season is in full swing! With refund deadlines extended until the end of September, a large number of taxpayers are keen for this financial return. A Serasa survey suggests that many Brazilians already have plans for what money might fall into their accounts.

Among the highlights of the study, it was discovered that more than half of those interviewed expect to receive an amount of approximately R$1,000. This money, although it does not represent significant wealth, is considered crucial for many who want to control their financial situations.

How do Brazilians intend to use the IRPF refund?

According to data collected by Cerasa, the main destination that taxpayers file for refunds is debt repayment. About 30% of the people interviewed stated that they would use the resources exclusively to settle old debts. This highlights prudent behavior when managing personal finances.

Investments and financial regulation with recovery

In addition to paying off debts, the survey highlighted that 43% of taxpayers plan to use the refund to organize their finances, and surprisingly, 21% intend to invest the money received. This behavior indicates a growing tendency among Brazilians to think long-term, using variable sources of income to enhance their own assets.

Challenges in IRPF Declaration

What are the most important causes of insecurity among taxpayers?:

The Serasa survey shows that nearly half of those interviewed feel some level of fear in the advertising process, with fears ranging from making mistakes that could lead to fines to simple errors that delay a refund.

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Given these concerns, 44% of taxpayers prefer to hire professionals to ensure the accuracy of data sent to the IRS. This is an investment that can avoid future problems and increase the chance of getting a refund that benefits your money.

Recovery calendar

Track dates to reply, Taxpayers can better organize themselves to receive and use the money. Find out the schedule for 2024:

With these deadlines in mind, it’s possible to plan ahead how to use your refund strategically, whether to pay off debt or for investing. One precise, well-calculated step can make a big difference in your annual financial health.

Tips to Maximize Your IRPF Recovery

  • Check all necessary documents before authorizing.
  • Consider hiring a professional if you feel unsafe.
  • Set aside a portion of your refund to create or increase your emergency fund.

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