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US ship damaged in Houthi attack

US ship damaged in Houthi attack

On the 24th, an attack by Yemen's Houthis hit the cargo ship Rubymar, causing significant damage and an oil spill of about 29 kilometers. This information was released by the US Army Central Command on Friday. Houthi rebels attacked the Rubimar in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, and the ship is now in danger of sinking, the group's military spokesman, Yahya Saria, said on Monday.

Cargo ship Rubymar is likely to sink

“The ship is anchored but slowly taking on water,” the Central Command said in a statement. The Belizean-flagged UK-owned ship was carrying more than 41,000 tonnes of fertilizer when it was attacked.

Sanctions against the Russian tanker fleet

Relatedly, the United States imposed sanctions on Sovcomflot, Russia's main oil shipping group. The move is part of Washington's strategy to cut Russia's profits from oil sales used to support its invasion of Ukraine. The US Treasury Department released this information on Friday.

Implications for maritime trade

The damage to Rubimar and the sanctions on Sovcomflot indicate a worrying trend in maritime trade security and irregularities. The sector faces significant challenges as a result of heightened hostilities in the region. Attacks and blockades pose threats to maritime economic activity, weakening global trade.

The ongoing conflict in Yemen?

If this situation continues, the conflict in Yemen could worsen, resulting in incidents of piracy, threats to maritime security and disruptions in the transportation of essential goods. It is essential that all parties concerned find a peaceful solution to resolve the conflict and guarantee the safety and orderliness of maritime trade.

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