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A young woman gave birth to a baby on her first day at work without realizing she was pregnant

A young woman gave birth to a baby on her first day at work without realizing she was pregnant

On her first day at her new job, a young woman gave birth without knowing she was pregnant

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A young woman from England was surprised to find her own son was born on the day she was about to start a new job. A quiet pregnancy story was shared on social media by Riva Crotter on the boy's first birthday, named Oakley.

“I woke up in labor in my room. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy alone. I should have started my new job the same day he was born,” the British woman said in a post on TikTok. She says that during her pregnancy she did not feel any signs that she could be pregnant.

Due to the surprise delivery, the mother said she got help from her parents to put on a layette while in the hospital. “My mom and dad bought everything.”

Apart from giving birth alone and at home, the British woman revealed that the baby was born breech. “He was still in that position when he was born in my bathroom,” she joked to The Sun tabloid.

More than 700 thousand people have seen this post on social media. Hundreds of internet users were divided between congratulating the new mother and joking about the situation. “He's your new boss,” one follower commented. “You're inhumane, I can't imagine what it's like to give birth in these conditions,” replied another.

A silent pregnancy is a rare phenomenon as most women can notice pregnancy symptoms between 4 and 12 weeks. Experts at the Cleveland Clinic point out that 1 in 475 may go unnoticed until the 20th week. In even rarer cases, up to 1 birth in every 2,500 pregnancies is missed.

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