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US senators present plan to change election law

US senators present plan to change election law

Democrats and Republicans proposed 2 bills to make it harder to challenge presidential election results

A bipartisan group of senators America This Wednesday (July 20, 2022) proposed changes to the country’s election laws. A major change would be the amendment of the Electoral Counting Act to guide the transfer of executive power. The Invasion of the capitalOn January 6, 2021, the standard showed that it could be “handled” for “Disturbance of Process”.

The proposal is divided into 2 bills. 1st 1887 to modernize the Electoral Counting Act. According to the senators, former President Donald Trump Using the law, Congress tried to create confusion about how each state’s Electoral College votes were counted. Here it is Just like that of the proposal (1MB – in English).

The bill also clarifies that the US Vice President has only a ceremonial role in certifying the election results.

That the Congress Committee Investigation The Capitol Hill invasion presented evidence that Trump He pressured its vice president, Mike PenceTo invalidate the result of the 2020 presidential election.

The bill includes measures to streamline the executive branch. One of them is to allow both candidates access to federal sources until the winner of the election is determined.

The committee proposed a measure to make it more difficult to challenge the election result in Congress. They decided to increase the required number of members of the Chamber and Senate to object to the certification session of the election election.

Current law determines that only a union of 1 senator and 1 chamber representative is sufficient to force the Houses to vote to reject the decision.

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Bill 2 aims to improve election security and increase federal penalties for those who threaten or intimidate election workers. Penalties for tampering with voter registration are also severe.

A proposal in the Senate requires the approval of the House. After that, you need 60 votes in your favor to avoid any ban attempt. That means the bills would need the support of at least 10 Republican senators.

“We urge colleagues from both parties to support these simple, common-sense reforms.”senators involved in preparing the proposal said.

After the bills were introduced, the Senate Rules Committee announced plans to hold a hearing on the voter count law.

Chairman of the Committee, Amy Klobuchar (Democratic), said CNN The hearing will be held on August 3.

Remember Capital Invasion

Members of the United States Congress gather on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 to certify the victory of the President of the United States. Joe BidenIn the 2020 presidential election.

Trump supporters broke through the police barricade in front of the stadium and entered invaded Dependencies of the House and Senate. 5 people died More than 100 policemen were injured that day.

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