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US ready to review sanctions if Maduro facilitates “significant progress” in talks – News

Washington, Aug 14, 2021 (AFP) – The United States, the European Union and Canada have announced their readiness to “review sanctions” against Venezuela if Nicolas Maduro’s government makes “significant progress in negotiations” with planned opposition parties in Mexico. This Saturday (14) the State Department.

In a joint statement issued by Washington, diplomatic representatives from the United States, the European Union and Canada welcomed the start of a new dialogue process between the government and the Venezuelan opposition and reiterated their willingness to review sanctions policies if regime progress is significant. In the talks, “he announced the previous day.

The parties signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday to lay the groundwork for talks to begin soon after the failure of negotiations in Barbados, 2019 and the Dominican Republic in 2018.

The talks will take place in Mexico with the convenience of Norway to end the serious political and economic crisis in Venezuela, with the aim of removing international sanctions and establishing election guarantees.

“We hope this process will lead to the restoration of democratic institutions and allow all Venezuelans to express themselves politically through free, fair local, parliamentary and presidential elections,” said EU President and Joint Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in a joint statement with Diplomat Joseph Borel and Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Corneo.

“We urge all parties to work together in good faith to reach lasting agreements that will lead to a comprehensive solution to the Venezuelan crisis,” the text continued.

They call for the “unconditional release of all those unjustly detained for political reasons”, “freedom of political parties” and “an end to human rights abuses”.

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The United States and other countries recognize Juan Quito as interim president of Venezuela, who declared himself when he presided over parliament in 2019, now in the hands of Chavismo.

In an attempt to put pressure on Maduro, former President Donald Trump imposed a ban, to which the EU and Canada agreed, and the Democrats offered to facilitate Joe Biden’s government if negotiations moved toward “free elections.” .

Maduro says the crisis in his country is due to “criminal sanctions” imposed from abroad, especially by Washington.

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