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Jet2 reforça ligação da Região ao Reino Unido

Jet 2 strengthens regional ties with Britain

Jet 2, which represents 32 percent of the seats available on direct flights between the United Kingdom and the region, offers 12.5 thousand seats this month. In the headlines, JM reports this growth trend that will continue in September and October.

But there is still a lot to read in today’s issue. Be aware that the National Road Safety Authority is unaware of 50 of the 62 deaths that occurred on the roads of Madeira between 2018 and 2020. The paradox of global accidents is equally emphasized. Covit-19 is taking on who ‘controls’ health in Porto Santo. The health representative, Rogério Gouveia, in a statement to the newspaper criticized the attitude of the youth, blaming them for the increase in cases these days. Yesterday, 39 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection were reported in the autonomous region. Seven of them are in Porto Santo. Still competing, but on another level, Sarah Matruka. The SEF’s strike has caused a stir in the Republican legislature. The MP sent a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs in which he called for talks between the SEF and the coaches.

On a cultural level, after 27 years, look back at ‘ET7RA’. A concert was planned and sold out. Find out when your JM is on page 27 today.

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