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Dream Job in New Zealand Pays R$463,000 to Work in Heaven - News

Dream Job in New Zealand Pays R$463,000 to Work in Heaven – News

A dream job in a remote part of New Zealand is attracting applicants from as far away as Colombia and Sweden after authorities decided to publish more publicity for the job that includes protection of rare bird species.

New Zealand’s Department of Conservation took in just three applicants when it opened applications last month, but has since decided to expand the search and overwhelmed applicants.

The position consists of being a biodiversity steward in a remote town called Haast and requires hiking, helicopter rides and sailing in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. According to local Stuff website, the salary can range from R$363,000 to R$463,000, depending on experience.

The Mukhtar’s main task will be to help protect rare species from the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. This includes caring for the kiwi, a flightless bird endemic to New Zealand, and monitoring penguin colonies and reptile species.

The department has already received more than 1,400 applications from candidates from as far afield as Finland, Romania, Paraguay and South Africa.

Operations Director Wayne Costello says the response has been overwhelming. “I have an Instagram account and my phone number is on WhatsApp, so I’ve had some requests from Colombia, Romania, Sweden… from all over the world,” Costello told AFP on Thursday (3).

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