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US and UK bombed Houthi militias in Yemen

US and UK bombed Houthi militias in Yemen

you US and UK bombed Houthi targetsat YemenThursday night (11).

At the very least Three blasts were reported in the capital SanonAccording to the g1 portal.

The forces' attack comes a day after the Houthis launched their biggest military offensive on Red Sea trade routes since November 19 last year.

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oh The Iran-backed group controls a significant portion of Yemen Also, in recent weeks, attacks against merchant ships in the Red Sea have intensified Protests against the bombing of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces.

The Houthis also vowed to advance militarily against US warships if they were attacked.

Tensions in the Red Sea affected international trade on the main route between the continents of Europe and Asia, which accounts for about 15% of the world's maritime traffic. Avoiding the African continent, opting for a longer route, many companies have ceased operations along the route.

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