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United Kingdom.  Infection may obscure the true effects of Brexit

United Kingdom. Infection may obscure the true effects of Brexit

Shelves in many supermarkets are empty, staff shortages to deal with work and non-existent items. Going to the UK at a time when the epidemic crisis in the country is still escalating. But is it the fault of the epidemic?

I talked to the Portuguese residents in the country and tried to understand the situation a little bit. Rita Ferreira knows that the situation is not easy, especially for some chains. “I know some chains like McDonald’s, Nando or Greg had to close stores due to a shortage of raw materials,” he told a Portuguese IA resident in the Ealing area northwest of London.

Information confirmed by Birmingham-based Portuguese Euclides Semito, who works in Greece. “You can already feel the side effect of the UK’s exit from the EU, which is noticeable in the food shortage,” he says. “At the company where I worked for almost a month, we had stock issues in terms of food and beverages,” he admits. But the problem is not just in these chains. “I have a friend who is an engineer in a construction company and they work behind schedule due to lack of manpower,” he warns.

Yet with regard to supermarkets or food chains, Rita tells us what she hears: “Stocks for Christmas may be affected and some have already started buying turkeys to freeze for Christmas.”

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