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US withdraws four Americans by land from Afghanistan - 06/09/2021 - World

US withdraws four Americans by land from Afghanistan – 06/09/2021 – World

In the first evacuation organized by Washington after the end of the military occupation of Central Asia a week ago, the United States on Monday (6) withdrew four U.S. citizens from Afghanistan by land to a neighboring country.

“We facilitated the departure of four American citizens from Afghanistan by land. Our embassy welcomed them after the Americans crossed the border into a third country,” a U.S. government official told Reuters.

Another U.S. official told the AFP news agency that the move was reported to the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group that had taken control of Afghanistan in the midst of the US withdrawal, and did not “prevent” it from leaving. According to U.S. Representative Ronnie Jackson, all four citizens were from his Texas county and were evacuated after several life-threatening attempts.

Last month, President Joe Biden’s administration led a mega operation at Kabul airport to evacuate about 124,000 people, ending a 20 – year U.S. visit. Dozens of people died in the chaos around the runway and the airport.

About 100 Americans who want to leave the country are still in Afghanistan, according to U.S. officials. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Doha on Monday to hold talks with Qatari and German officials, allies of the Americans leaving Kabul on the future of Afghanistan. Qatar, the home of the Taliban political office, has become a key mediator between the extremist group and Western governments in the midst of a change of power.

Distribution in Panjir Valley

On Monday, the Taliban claimed to have recaptured the Panchshir Valley, which has recorded clashes between the fundamentalist faction and the so-called National Anti-Front. Of Ashraf Ghani.

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Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said “Punchshir, the last hideout of the fleeing enemy, was captured,” adding that there would be no “discriminatory measures” against residents in the area.

Images posted on social media show Taliban militants outside the gate of the provincial government palace in Punchshir.

However, the leader of the front, Ahmed Masood, did not recognize the militants’ victory and said his militants were still active in the valley. “We are in Punchshir and the protest will continue,” he said, adding that he was safe without giving his location.

“Wherever you are, inside or out [do Afeganistão], I invite you to start a national uprising for the glory, freedom and prosperity of our country, “he added.

On Sunday (5), the leader of the Front said it was ready to resume talks with the Taliban to end the fighting because last week, the now-ruling militant group even claimed to have defeated enemies in the region. Denied by the Front.

Surrounded by mountains, the terrain of the Punchshir Valley is hard to occupy and was out of the control of the Taliban during the first regime of the militant group, between 1996 and 2001. This time, the area is completely surrounded by fundamentalists.

Masood, the son of the military man who led the rebels at the time, was Ahmad Shah Masood, the “lion of Punjab”. Another of the current opposition commanders is former deputy leader Amrullah Saleh.

Taliban spokesman Mujahid, Masood and Saleh were reported to have fled to neighboring Tajikistan. Unable to verify information.

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The Taliban returned to power 20 years after 9/11 by a US-led coalition in Afghanistan. The Americans have blamed Al Qaeda terrorists for harboring the attacks. Considering the possibility of withdrawing U.S. troops from the country, Completed last Monday (30), Taliban militants carried out massive attacks across the country and advanced in several provincial capitals Recover Kabul.