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The Argentine coach protects his players

The Argentine coach protects his players

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni was upset Interruption e Match suspension between Brazil and Argentina This Sunday, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The coach said he regretted what happened to the players who did not comply with the mandatory isolation after leaving England and was not notified that they could not play.

Scleroni during the press conference AFA revelation

Photo: Revelation / AFA

“What happens now makes me very sad, I do not want to blame it. It should have been a feast with the best in the world, it ends. As a coach, I have to protect my players. They say they want them. Deport or remove them. We did not say they would not be able to play at the time.

When the ball rolled five minutes into the Neo Cumica arena, Derby was stopped by Unvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) agents, who played Christian Romero and Lo Celso from Tottenham, and Emiliano Martினnez and Fuenta, Aston Villa.

Four individuals did not make isolation for 14 days after leaving the UK before entering Brazil, contrary to the country’s isolation protocol.

Claudio Tobia, president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), described all health measures as being “regrettable”.

“You can not talk about a lie. There is a health law, health officials recognize a protocol in place. We did everything because we were worried that players could return well to their clubs. What happened was unfortunate: four people without a mask entered the field and interrupted the game. The external factor is to suspend the game, “he said.

The ceasefire between Brazil and Argentina was widely reflected in the newspapers Brothers. Oh Ole newspaper, The country’s leading sports magazine, known as the “World Card”, emphasizes the support of the team commanded by Tide in the decision to withdraw from the Argentine national team field.

Oh Clarian He also used the word card, but focused on the future of the game. According to the newspaper, Argentina could win by 3 points due to “invasion of unauthorized people”, reiterating that the AFA had authorization from Conmepol to use four players living in England.

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