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United Kingdom.  ‘House on the Hill’ is the house of 2021

United Kingdom. ‘House on the Hill’ is the house of 2021

The Award RIBA House of the Year, Which features the best single-family home designed by architects in the UK, ‘House on the Hill’, designed by architect Alison Brooks, was presented this year.. Located in Gloucestershire, it is an extension of an 18th century farm house that serves as a housing and art collection. According to Archdaily, the arbitral tribunal praised the “combination of architecture, landscape, housing and art” of the house that manages to create a “peaceful environment”.

Architects Alison Brooks restored the stone house in the 18th century and turned it into a gallery. “Interestingly, ‘House on the Hill’ is the result of ten years of collaboration between the owners and the architect,” said RIBA President Simon Allford.

On the ground floor the kitchen, living room and dining room open to the outdoor terrace. Are on the first floor Two bedrooms, one office and one terrace. However, The property stands alone as it spans several spaces throughout the house, Providing the owner’s art collections, emphasizes the site.

“Every detail is meticulously thought out and neatly finished, resulting in a truly remarkable home enhancing its unique layout,” concludes the trustee.

It should be noted that this extension is covered with a dark fiber cement coating to evoke the tones of teen forest. The project reduced energy consumption by implementing geothermal air conditioning, solar panels and a green roof over the new section.

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