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C-130J Super Hercules Road Lands-AEROFLAP during exercise in the United States

The C-130J Super Hercules landed on Highway 287 in Rawlins, Wyoming. Photo: Jacqueline Marshall / ANG.

The U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (USAF) performed unprecedentedly on Monday (13) during The Rockies 2021 exercise: the C-130J Super Hercules, Rawlins, landed on the highway in Wyoming.

The highway was closed early in the morning to ensure the army conducted safe training. The withdrawal of a portion of the troops that could not access the regular runway was simulated.

Jacqueline Marshall / ANG.

This is one of several training shows scheduled for September 13-16 in Colorado and Wyoming, including more than 12 Reserve and National Guard units. The units perform essential personnel and cargo operations for U.S. forces located in areas where simulation has been fought.

“Rockies in the Rockies Exercise ensures that the Air Force Reserve and the National Guard can provide instant-incentive capability in most work packages to strengthen our active duties.”, Said the Major. Nick Hines is also the pilot of the 913th Operation Support Squadron and Leading Exercise Planner. “With the help of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, we were able to successfully demonstrate our versatile combat aviation capabilities.”, The official said.

The aircraft was guided by a pair of A-10C Thunderbolt II attack jets. Photo: Jacqueline Marshall / ANG.

Located at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas, the 913th Air Transport Team (913th AG) served as the leading exercise planning division with a focus on movement. Air Force Reserveists designed the displays and rearranged logistics to ensure that each unit focused on training. In order to conduct combat operations effectively, existing sites assume that traditional sites will be immediately threatened.

Several units must be integrated into this training to carry out freight, artillery and paramedics, task force filling and personnel extraction. This scene is designed to test the ability of the Reserve and National Guard units to perform efficient Airman missions in challenging and controversial situations.

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Jacqueline Marshall / ANG.

“This is an evolution of the Valley 2020 exercise conducted in West Virginia”, Said the Major. Christopher AC, 327th Airlift Squadron Pilot and Fitness Planner.

“Our efforts will equip the Reserve and National Security Forces to operate at the speeds and borders necessary to counter similar adversaries., Finished the army.

Major Ashley Walker / USAF.