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The new official Pokémon Center online store has opened in the UK

The new official Pokémon Center online store has opened in the UK

Pokémon Company International announced last week the launch of a new Pokémon Center online store, this time in digital form following the company’s success in e-commerce and its success in the UK with the launch of official Pokémon merchandise. Temporary Pokemon Center in London.
With the launch of the store, UK Pokémon fans will be able to purchase exclusive products, including blush, games, costumes, Pokémon TCG products and more directly from their homes for the second time after setting up the London Pokémon Center. Of Pokemon sword / shield (switch).

In a press release, Cindy Rupandal, Director of e-Commerce at The Pokémon Company International, celebrated the event.

“Following the huge success of the Pokémon Center London Store in 2019 and the overwhelming fan support, we are pleased to bring the Pokémon Center permanently to our UK fans. We hope more coaches will take advantage of this offer with the launch of Store Pokémon Center UK. “

New inventory will continue to be added to existing products by 2022 and beyond. As such, practitioners should visit the site regularly to see new package products, including seasonal-based products.

Newly added items include unique pieces such as:

The strategy is part of The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo’s brand expansion efforts, which have already opened on-site stores in Tel Aviv (Israel) on some continents. Is it time in South America or more specifically Brazil to enjoy a specialty store for Latin American people?

Source: My Nintendo News