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Unimed João Pessoa signs a contract to start work on the new Raul Córdula school, in Torre

Unimed João Pessoa signs a contract to start work on the new Raul Córdula school, in Torre

Unimed João Pessoa signed a contract with the construction company Segmento for the construction of the new building where the Raul Córdula State Primary and High School in Torre will operate. The work to replace the current school and is part of the exchange between Unimed JP and the state government, will be formally delivered through a bill, approved unanimously by the Legislative Assembly of Paraiba, in September last year.

Unimed JP has acquired the land on which the school operates and, in exchange, will deliver a new unit in an area located 200 meters from the existing school.

Students will keep their routines unchanged and will only travel when the new school is ready, which is scheduled for the second half of this year. In the place where the Raul Cordola School operates, Unimed JP will expand its own services.

According to the President of Unimed JP, Gualter Lisboa Ramalho, the school to be built will have a high level of quality and mark a new era of partnerships with the public sector. This new concept will benefit the community close to the Alberto Urquiza Wanderlei Hospital, which has already been adopted by Unimed JP’s Social and Environmental Responsibility projects. We will not just hand over the school. He emphasized that we want to be partners in health promotion actions.

The technical director of the construction company, Suelena Frazão, highlighted that in all meetings with the Unimed JP team, two main challenges were presented: the construction delivery deadline and the quality of work. “The project handed over to us by Unimed JP is a benchmark of excellence, demonstrating the company’s concern for the students who will benefit from this work,” he explained.

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The project is bold

Land has already been prepared for the construction of the new school and is scheduled to be handed over within seven months. The architectural project was created based on a program prepared by the Paraíba Ministry of Education. Unimed JP is responsible for the physical structuring of the project, leaving the state to carry out social and educational activities.

The new school will have two floors, with 10 classrooms, laboratories, a sports field, a library, an auditorium, multi-function rooms, multimedia spaces, a cafeteria, and locker rooms, among other equipment. With well-defined and sectoral environments, the areas will be more functional and all of them will be guaranteed accessibility. Sustainable, the new school will have solar energy and selective garbage collection.

“We want to make this gift to our city, which considers Unimed JP as its health plan, with an indisputable reference for excellence,” concluded Gualter Ramalho.

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