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Britta Gil has been admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Britta Gil has been admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro

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Britta Gil, accompanied by her husband, arrived at the hospital in a wheelchair

According to the column written by journalist Fabia Oliveira, from Em Off IG, Brita Gil was admitted to the Clínica São Vincente, located in Javea, in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday morning (5).

According to sources in the column, Britta Gil arrived at the hospital in a wheelchair and passed out, accompanied by her husband, Rodrigo Godoy.

She had to be admitted to the clinic, where she was monitored until new information was revealed about the singer’s health condition.

The hospital consultant revealed that she does not give information about famous people without the permission of family members, and the singer’s advisor did not comment on the matter.

In November 2022, Britta Gil tested positive for Covid-19 for the third time, telling fans that she only felt flu symptoms because she had taken the three doses of the vaccine, and recommended that fans take all possible doses of the vaccine.

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Britta Gil did not communicate on her social networks about the trip to the hospital and did not even post stories, as well as an announcement on the program on Friday (6) on GNT.

Britta Gil has come out to defend Gilberto Gil (Photo: reproduction)
Britta Gil and Gilberto Gil (Photo: reproduction)

Britta Gill’s last post was yesterday, with her husband and kids on a speedboat where she says: “The year couldn’t start better. Me with my kids!!! The renewable energies of 2023.”


Gilberto Gil He was one of the celebrities who decided to travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup matches in Brazil. Right at the beginning of the appearance of our Brazilian team, the singer went through a sad situation when he was insulted upon his arrival at Lusail Stadium, the site of the confrontation. Who came out in defense of the famous dad was Britta Gill.

The singer was not happy when she learned that Gilberto Gil had been harassed by the Bolsonaro voter and decided to show her displeasure on social networks. The artist’s heiress insisted on his defense. On the occasion of the insults he heard, the icon of Brazilian popular music was accompanied by his wife, Flora Gil.

Britta Gill (Image: DISCLOSE)
Britta Gill (Image: DISCLOSE)

Furious, Britta Gil defended her father on Instagram. “What happened to my father and Flora on the day of the Brazil match in Qatar where they were verbally attacked by a violent Bolsonarista is scary. My father and I are the same in terms of living with different people, we are used to it”shot the daughter of the famous singer.

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