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What do you do with the kids on vacation?

What do you do with the kids on vacation?

At the height of the school holidays, there is no shortage of program options for kids. Theater plays with classics, like “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” or more recent hits, like “Mundo Betta,” is open this week. For curious little ones, a good option might be “Play is science!” , at the Museum of Tomorrow, while the more rambunctious can have fun at Zig Zag Trampolim or in the workshops at the Pontal Museum, both in Barra da Tijuca. Here are the attractions to amuse the kids in their spare days.

Stage show

The Adventures of Pinocchio

The classic about a wooden doll dreaming of being a real boy gets a montage premiering this Saturday in Imperator.

Rua Dias da Cruz 170, Meier. Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. until February 12th. From 40 Brazilian reals.

“Beta and the Imagination That Disappeared”

Mundo Bita is a success on YouTube, and today it arrives at the Teatro EcoVilla with songs already well known on the Internet.

Rua Jardim Botanico Thursday at 5 p.m. Saturday 11 am and 4 pm. Sunday at 11 am. Until the fifth of February. Starting at BRL 70.

“Once upon a time there was a tyrant”

Cia Cerne takes to the stages of the children’s show, adapted from a classic book by Ana Maria Machado, about a tyrant who came to power, encouraging discussion with children and teens about politics and the value of democracy.

Federal Cultural Center for Justice: Av. Rio Branco 241, center. R$40 and R$20 (half). free. Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. From 7 to 15/01.


House Museum Eva Klabin

The cultural space offers eight activities on vacation. “Museum Detectives – New Adventures” will lead participants to decipher the mysteries. It also has workshops “Art with soap bubbles”, to create colorful pictures, “Body painting with a stencil”, to draw the design you want, “Travelers’ game”, to record experiences in the museum in a diary, as well as for young storytellers, to enjoy storytelling, restorers , where they will help restore an object, create archaeological sites, where they can take home produced materials, and animators, to create stop-motion techno.

Av. Epitacio Pessoa 2480, Lagoa. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 11am-3pm, Saturday and Sunday, 3pm. From 04 to 29/01. free. from 5 years.

Tomorrow’s Museum

Cosmonautics Day, celebrated on January 9, is the focus of “Play is Science!” , which takes place from Saturday at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Praca Mawa. Activities for children of all ages include playful experiments on sky phenomena.

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Mauá Square 1, Center. Saturday from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. Sunday: from 11 am to 12 noon. Until January 29th. free.

Pontal Museum

On Saturday, the project ‘Holidays in Pontal: Art, Play and Nature’ opens the Pontal Museum’s 2023 schedule, with free activities such as play workshops, planting seedlings in the sensory garden and group games, such as dodgeball and soccer. On Sunday afternoons, there are also storytelling sessions.

Av. Célia Ribeiro da Silva Mendes 3300, Barra. From Thursday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Until January 22nd. free.

other attractions

“ice and ice in the arctic”

The largest exhibition of ice sculptures ever in the country, with an area of ​​1,200 square metres, occupies Pavilion 4 of the Riocentro with temperatures below zero. You can play on the ice and have a snowball fight.

Av. Salvador Allende 6555, Barra da Tijuca. Mon-Fri, 2pm-8pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. From R$70 (Mon-Fri) and R$80 (Saturday and Sunday). until January 8th.

Lap park adventure

The space contains a futuristic and innovative proposal, where children and adults can play together and experience technological games, such as virtual reality glasses, game stations and games such as Fifa, Minecraft and Fortnite. All in a fun environment, with blue lights and artificial turf.

Casa Shopping: Av. Ayrton Senna 2150, Barra da Tijuca. From Tuesday to Friday, from 1 pm to 9 pm. Saturday, from 12 to 22 hours. Sunday, from 12:00 to 20:00. R$60 (Tuesday to Friday, 1pm to 9pm) and R$70. Minimum age: 5 years.

Bowling Grill Bar

It offers 20 bowling alleys, a variety of games, and a menu with milkshakes, pizza, and more, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Barra Shopping Centre: Av. das Américas 4666 / 3rd floor, Barra da Tijuca. Monday to Friday, 2 PM to 10 PM, Saturday, 12 PM to 10 PM, Sunday and Friday, 12 PM to 9 PM. 1 hour of track for 6 players: R$180 (Mon-Fri) and R$230 (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and holiday eves). Shoe rental: R$40 per person.


The park has 140 animal species divided into African savanna, carnivores, Asian, tropical submerged, reptile village, primate island, ranch, jungle kings and cerrado section.

Quinta da Boa Vista, Sao Cristovao. Daily from 9 am to 5 pm, last entry at 4 pm. From BRL 23,50,000

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EcoVilla Ri is happy

In January there is an Ecovilla vacation, with various activities for children. The space will receive a program created by a team of educators and educators, designed for young children to enjoy and be entertained with, with plenty of music, art, storytelling, cooking, yoga, capoeira, walks and games.

Parque Jardim Botânico: Rua Jardim Botânico 1008. January 16-27, 1pm-5pm. From 2 to 8 years. Information and registration: [email protected].


The ice rink, to ensure more entertainment, sports and fun in the city, has an area of ​​​​432 square meters, and is located on the G5 floor, and it also has a distinctive view of Rio.

Rio Sol: Rua Lauro Muller 116, Botafogo. Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm. From Monday to Thursday, Sunday and public holidays, from 12:00 noon to 22:00 at night. Starting at BRL 55.

rush garden

The trampoline park offers trampoline tracks, foam baths, climbing, and cotton swab fights, among other attractions. To play, non-slip socks are required.

Casa Shopping: Avenida Ayrton Sina 2150, Barra da Tijuca – 2018-7573. From Tuesday to Friday, from 1 pm to 10 pm. Saturday, 10 am to 10 pm. Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Tuesday, R$130 (R$60 advance via website). Friday to Sunday, R$140 (R$65 in advance via website).

Lagoon Adventures

Located in Parque Municipal da Catacumba, the adventure circuit offers a climbing wall, tree climbing, abseiling, and zip lines, as well as a free trail to the lookout point.

Av. Epitacio Pessoa 3000, Lagoa – 96497-2338. Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-4:30pm (Reservations Wednesday through Friday must be made 24 hours in advance via the website). Zip line and climbing wall: R$30. High tree climbing: BRL 45. Rappelling: R$80. Available combos.

The most beautiful museum in the world

Filled with Instagrammable scenarios, the show from Lisbon lands at the VillageMall with 15 environments decorated with giant confetti, digital projections and installations that respond to an augmented reality app.

Av. das Americas 3900, Barra da Tijuca. From Tuesday to Friday, from 12 to 20 hours. Saturday from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. Sunday and public holidays, from 12:30 to 20:00. From 80 BRL. Until January 15th.

Pirate carioca

The storyteller group acts as a floating theatre, sailing into Guanabara Bay, aboard a ship decorated in a pirate and pirate theme and with a cast featuring historical figures. On vacation, there will be diving stops in front of Adão e Eva Beach, in Jurujuba, Niterói.

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Marina da Gloria: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, S/N. Departure at 9:30 am. 80 Brazilian reals. Duration: 2 hours and 30. 14, 15 and 1/22.


The largest ice rink in Rio is a permanent rink to enjoy all year round, featuring international standards, with an area of ​​600 square metres.

ParkJacarepaguá: Estrada de Jacarepaguá 6069, Jacarepaguá. Monday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm, Sunday, 12pm to 9pm. R$59 (30 minutes) and R$79 (1 hour).

Magic Park

The amusement park for children up to 12 years old includes 21 attractions of different degrees of difficulty on an area of ​​2,600 square meters. Games are divided into jungle, carnival, jungle, and beach themed spaces.

street. de Jacarepaguá 6069, Anil. Daily from 10 am to 10 pm. R$20 and R$10 (half).

Magic wand experience

A restaurant inspired by the world of Harry Potter invites the public to live a magical experience for a day, in Via Parque Shopping. Gastronomy joins illusion tricks, magic potion lessons, augmented reality, performances and a cinematic script in 75-minute meals, with breakfast, lunch and dinner options depending on the day.

Av. Ayrton Senna 3000, Barra da Tijuca. Saturday and Sunday, 10:30am (R$70), 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm and 8:30pm (R$80). Thursday and Friday, 5:30 pm and 8 pm (75 BRL).

Via Nova

to infinity and beyond! The amusement park in Pavilion 4 in Riocentro simulates a trip to space in a circle with 10 interactive scenarios, including a tour of the solar system, a supernova explosion and the formation of a black hole, as well as missions for the little patrols. There’s also a roller coaster in the dark and flight simulators for kids ages 3 and up (not included in the ticket).

Avenida Salvador Allende 6555 Barra da Tijuca. Mon-Fri, 2pm-8pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10:00 to 20:00. 80 Brazilian reals. Until January 8th.

zig zag trampoline

Trampolines, a climbing wall, 15-meter-high slides and foam pools are the attractions of the venue, which opens this Saturday at BarraShopping.

Monday to Friday, from 12 to 22 hours. Saturday, from 10 am to 10 pm. Sunday, from 12 to 21 o’clock. From R$ 50 for children over 3 years old. until March 3rd.