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Unemployment insurance premiums refund: find out the details

Unemployment insurance premiums refund: find out the details

Many workers feel very anxious when they do simple work Online Consultation Learn more about Unemployment insurance premiums refunded. However, if this happens, do not despair. On Monday (21) we will explain all about the topic including, How to proceed In cases of the kind.

Refund of unemployment insurance premiums: what does it mean and how to act?

This specific case in which there is Unemployment insurance premiums refunded, for different conditions. One relates to alleged irregularities in PIS. For example, it may not be registered, inactive, or even canceled.

There is also a possibility that the worker did not go to withdraw the premium within the stipulated period of ninety days and this has been taken into account. If so, the part ends up in government coffers.

This specific case, in which unemployment insurance premiums are returned, occurs due to various circumstances. One of them relates to alleged irregularities in PIS РCaixa Econ̫mica Federal

How do you solve the problem?

To solve the problem, you need to determine what led to this situation:

  • Data Mismatch – Correct the data at the CAIXA branch or in your unemployment insurance registry. The process is simpler if you sign up online;
  • Problem with PIS – the need to settle PIS. It could be that you are using an old business card, or that you changed numbers at the time of registration. Then check the registration, matching the information in your wallet. There may also be an error in the workbook notes. However, this error must be corrected by the company or at the regional labor control body;
  • Application Expiry – The solution to this situation is to submit the installment application within two years at most. This way you don’t risk winning.
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To get your parcel back, just go to the regional labor office. Bring your business card, PIS number, and photo identification document.

The worker can also go to the MTE (Ministry of Labor and Employment) in his area to solve a problem Unemployment insurance premiums refunded. This is because some admin posts may not respond to some types of changes and document errors.

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