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A car subscription of up to half the cost of car financing and maintenance;  Check out the simulation – works

A car subscription of up to half the cost of car financing and maintenance; Check out the simulation – works

As much as owning a car makes it easier Individual transportation logisticsNot everyone manages to maintain this cost. In addition to financing premiums, anyone who wants to buy a car must also consider costs such as insurance, IPVA and license.

An option for those who want to use their car on a daily basis without worrying about these extra costs is a car subscription. Companies that work with the service provide customers with A new car every year Fixed amount according to the monthly rotation.

Compared with Diario do NordestMonthly fees for such a service can cost up to half What will be spent on financing and maintaining the car.

The simulations were based on Ceara’s five best-selling vehicles in 2023, according to the National Association of Motor Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave): Onix, Onix Plus, Creta, Tracker and Compass.

The biggest difference is seen in the Jeep Compass. While the calculated monthly cost of car purchase and maintenance was R$8,962.81, the monthly subscription fee was R$3,900, which is by 5,062.81 Brazilian reals.

In addition to the financial value, the decision between buying or signing a car must take into account individual aspects of each family, such as need for use and mileage.

How much does it cost to maintain or rent a car?

Simulations were performed taking into account, in addition to a portion of the financing, IPVA costs, insurance, licensing and maintenance. Budgets are based on zero kilometer cars, according to Fipe Table prices.

The cost of financing installments was calculated using the calculator on the iDinheiro website, taking into account the Central Bank’s average interest rate of 2.1% per month and a period of 36 months, without a down payment.

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Vehicle insurance quotes were submitted by Youse, a startup offering auto, home and life insurance through an app, in early June. A 38-year-old male profile was considered and the most complete coverage was offered, which includes third party physical damage and collision.

Monthly subscription fee values ​​determined by Localiza Meoo, considering a monthly 1000km trip and a 36-month plan.

Maintenance costs refer to the value of the first revision for each model, according to each automaker’s website.

Check out the simulations for each model

ONIX HATCH 1.0 12V Flex 5p Mec.

Financing installment: R$3,162.38

Insurance: R$3,055.33

Maintenance: R$444.00

IPVA: R$1,764.75

License: R$192.23

Total per month: R$3,617.07

Subscription fee: R$2,099.00

Creta Action 1.6 16V Flex Out.

Financing installment: R$4,433.26

Insurance: R$3,605.90

Maintenance: R$362.81

IPVA: R$2,980.23

License: R$192.23

Total per month: R$5,028.36

Subscription fee: R$2,649.00

Onyx Sedan Plus 1.0 12V TB Flex Out.

Financing installment: 3936.42 Brazilian reals

Insurance: R$3,120.91

Maintenance: R$468.00

IPVA: R$1,929.50

License: R$192.23

Total per month: R$4,412.31

Subscription fee: R$2,449.00


Financing installment: R$5,018.65

Insurance: 3858.64 Brazilian reals

Maintenance: R$468.00

IPVA: R$4,093.56

License: R$192.23

Total per month: R$5,736.35

Subscription fee: 2700.00 Brazilian reals

long compass. T270 1.3TB 4×2 Flex Auto.

Financing installment: R$7,562.60

Insurance: R$10,131.08

Maintenance: BRL 664.00

IPVA: BRL 5,815.25

License: R$192.23

Total per month: R$8,962.81

Subscription fee: 3900.00 Brazilian real

Buy or subscribe?

In addition to the financial cost, behavioral financial guru Mario César Oliveira explains that the decision should analyze the need or importance of owning a car for each individual.

“We have to ask: What is the significance of owning a car in my life? It has the emotional and cultural scope, there are some people who want to own the car, I feel good about owning the car in my name. If you want it as property, that’s it. It’s already been answered. It’s from during the purchase,” he said.

If a person thinks only in terms of usability, it is important to consider the frequency of use and the distance traveled per month. If the car will be used frequently or over long distances, it may be best to purchase a car so that it does not fall within the plans’ travel limits.

The exception is people who work with cars, such as app or taxi drivers. In these cases, companies usually offer different terms and a subscription may be more advantageous because it covers maintenance and insurance costs.

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“For the average person, it’s a case-by-case simulation. It will depend on the costs involved, the model of the car, which then takes a score for consumption, miles traveled. It’s a big part of everyone’s daily life. For low mileage in urban use, the trend is that subscription More useful. But in daily use on the road it might be a better buy, ”compares Mário.

In the case of those who really want to buy a car, the financial educator suggests evaluating the used car buying option looking for savings.

“It is important to evaluate whether it is really better to buy a brand new car or an almost new car, one with little use and low mileage. The advantage is precisely the depreciation of the commodity, you can find the car you want with reasonable mileage and at a much lower cost.”

Those who intend to finance should organize themselves financially in advance so that they can give the largest amount possible. Another option for those who aren’t in a rush to own a car is a consortium, with management fees that are lower than the financing interest.