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Understand why you should clean your cell phone every day

Understand why you should clean your cell phone every day

Did you know that your smartphone can hide more than just apps and files? Recent studies show that the same cell phone can contain a variety of bacteria, viruses, and even fecal coliforms.

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Considering that the average person checks their phone 46 times a day, although the number can be up to 74 times for younger users, keeping your device clean is really essential.

Microbiologist Philip Tierno, of the New York University School of Medicine, warns that impurities found in smartphones could pose a health risk. Influenza, conjunctivitis, and even diarrhea can be caused by its deficiency health When handling the phone.

Infallible tips for cleaning your cell phone

Microfiber cloth: This type of cloth is soft enough not to scratch the screen and is effective in removing grease accumulated on the device. Make sure the cloth is dry and free of bleach, as bleach may stain the screen.

70% isopropyl alcohol: This liquid is very effective in cleaning phones, as it contains a small amount of water and does not harm the device. Moisten a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol before starting cleaning.

Ethyl alcohol 75%: If you cannot find isopropyl alcohol, you can also use 75% ethyl alcohol. Use it sparingly, as it is stronger and contains more water in its composition. Avoid applying it directly to the screen.

Screen cleaning products: Specific products for cleaning mobile screens are a safe option. They contain the right amount of chemical compounds so as not to damage the device.

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Cleaning steps

  • Remove the case and any other accessories;
  • Use the microfiber cloth on the screen, making circular motions until the stains disappear;
  • Also clean the device body with the cloth in question;
  • If the device is still dirty, put a few drops of 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol on the cloth and wipe the affected areas.

Repeat this process until your cell phone is completely clean and free bacteria. Remember to avoid using bleach as it may damage the device. Taking care of the cleanliness of your smartphone is essential to ensure your health and well-being for a longer period.