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UEM is included in Finep’s notification for the construction of the Science Park – O Fato Maringá

UEM is included in Finep’s notification for the construction of the Science Park – O Fato Maringá

Science Park Project “COELESTIUM SCIENTIAE”: Praça do Céu and the Planetarium “Professor Carlos Alfredo Argüello”, from the State University of Maringá (UEM), are included in the call for proposals for the Science Parks Program in Museums, Science and Technology Centers and Scientific Cultural Spaces – 01/2022, From the Funder of Studies and Projects (Finep), a public company under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

According to Professor of the Department of Physics and Project Coordinator, Marcos César D’Anhone-Neves, the goal is to build Praça do Céu, located between the Dynamic Multidisciplinary Museum (Mudi) and the meteorological station, for “naked-eye” astronomical observation. With the use of telescopes, the new planetarium, whose dome is expected to be built with a diameter of seven meters, will accommodate up to 80 people and will have a digital display.

Proposal for the Praça do Céu plan

“It will be a scientific and tourism publishing center for the city of Maringa with the possibility of interweaving university courses at UEM and students from the public education network”, Danhoney comments.

UEM already owns the Circus Stellarium, located next to Building F-67, on the main campus. The current structure has a dome with a diameter of 6 meters and an analog projection.

Professor of note Marcus Danhoney and physics course students in the current planetarium

The new work will be possible with resources available under the Notice amounting to R$ 299,927.03, as well as additional resources from another Notice approved by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)/MCTI/National Fund for Science and Technology Development Technological (FNDCT) – No. 39/ 2022 – Program to support museums, science and technology centers, and scientific and cultural spaces. ASC\UEM

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