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UK injects oxygen into rivers to save fish

UK injects oxygen into rivers to save fish

One technique that could become the “new normal” is stocking fish in British rivers. It is necessary to keep rivers fresh and reduce pollution.

In the past five years, English rivers have been the target of nearly 100 interventions. Emergency oxygenation To prevent fish mortality.

Factors like Sewage discharge – It drives the growth of bacteria and algae, consumes oxygen – and High temperature – It also reduces the oxygen content of water – leading to oxygenation of rivers.

English Environment Agency (And this) implemented emergency procedures to inject oxygen into rivers with the aim of preventing fish and plant die-offs.

Data for that New Scientist Access revealed that EA made the move 25 times in the last year and 74 times between 2018 and 2021.

However, these figures exclude one of EA’s 14 operational zones and lack data for 2023 – indicating that the actual number of interventions over the five-year period may be higher than the 99 documented cases.

Although EA has not systematically examined the increasing use of these emergency measures, the trend is upward.

Graeme StoryIn a statement to New Scientist, a fisheries manager at EA lamented the number of fish in distress: “Signs to look out for. Fish suffocationA dull appearance at the edges and dead fish floating on the surface.”

This includes the use of methods used by EA to introduce oxygen Liquid hydrogen peroxide – It decomposes into water and oxygen – and Bombs – aimed at increasing oxygen content, Agitates the surface of the water.

Storey warned Climate change This will intensify the phenomenon: “If global temperatures continue to rise and remain high for a very long time, fish populations will face a continuing challenge here”.

For the new scientist, Gary Caldwellfrom the University of Newcastle, pointed out that continued climate change could see such artificial interventions become the new norm.

“Climate change is expected to bring increasingly less rainfall, compounded by sewage and agricultural waste, and artificial oxidation. New natureIt makes our river wildlife a little bit wilder,” he explained.

On the other hand, Steve Ormerodfrom Cardiff University, stressed the importance of taking long-term protective measures against these climate impacts.

“Oxygen pumping is an important emergency measure in rescuing fish, but Keeping rivers cool, protecting currents and reducing pollution These are important measures to be followed in the long run to protect the rivers,” he opined.

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