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Typhoon Lan is heading toward the Sea of ​​Japan, but a close watch continues

Typhoon Lan is heading toward the Sea of ​​Japan, but a close watch continues

Typhoon Lan over Hyogo at 4 p.m. Tuesday, moving toward the Sea of ​​Japan (AMJ)

Forecasts indicate that Hurricane number 7 Crossing the area Kansai Tuesday evening (15), at approximately three o’clock in the morning on Wednesday (16), 180 km from the coast of the province of Fukui over the Sea of ​​Japan.


Japan Meteorological Agency (AMJ) at 4 p.m. reported that Typhoon Lan had a central atmospheric pressure of 985 hectopascals, and the storm area had a diameter of 280 kilometers.

While it’s slowly progressing, it’s comparable to riding a bike, it still is Strict monitoring is required against Heavy rains, storms, waves, and high tides, especially in the Kinki, Tokai, and Chugoku regions.

Destroyed solar panels in Mihama, Mie Prefecture (NHK)

even area Kantoaway from the area in which it is located tornado Anger, weather conditions are very unstable, with the possibility whirlpoolWind and rain.

a Hurricane Lan It should follow a course toward Hokkaido, but as it approaches that prefecture, on the 18th, it should have already turned into an extratropical typhoon.

To check in real time how you are doing disaster risk situation It could be caused tornado go to Kikikuru webpage for JAM.

a Hurricane Dorathe eighth of the year, to hurricane At 4:01 p.m. on Tuesday, AMJ reported.

Forecast track for this year’s seventh typhoon heading into the Sea of ​​Japan (AMJ)

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