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Twitch has banned lives that focus on intimate parts for a long time

Twitch has banned lives that focus on intimate parts for a long time

From Friday (29), Twitch Broadcasts that focus on private parts for long periods will no longer be allowed. The new rule was published in the platform's community guidelines on Wednesday (27).

The change is likely a direct response to the new “trend” of content creators using body parts as a chroma key (green screen) and displaying content in the area. Streamer Morgbyknown for exploiting loopholes in the platform's rules, deployed the exposure strategy by putting Fortnite on its own members.

“As of Friday, March 29, content focusing on intimate parts of the body will no longer be allowed for an extended period,” Twitch explained in a post on X, formerly Twitter. However, the platform does not specify what “extended periods” are.

Now prohibited under platform guidelines, Focusing on private parts for too long in Twitch streams can result in an account banin addition to other practices related to nudity.

Twitch against direct nudity

Twitch's battle against nudity streams is ongoing and has been going on for years. The dispute became more intense in December 2023, when the service changed the rules and decided to allow illustrations of nipples and erotic dances in live broadcasts.

But after a huge uproar in the community Decision reversal platform Once again, life was restricted with explicit sexual content. In January, Twitch banned implicit nudity, when a content creator uses black lines or other devices to cover private parts.

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The new rule announced on Wednesday (27) is one of the platform's attempts to limit this type of content, but it probably won't be enough to stop the practice.

Currently, the Community Guidelines provide a very strong set of rules regarding nudity, including rules regarding clothing (specifically, cleavage) and graphic descriptions of sexual acts.