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TST launches Forensic Research and Data Science portal

TST launches Forensic Research and Data Science portal

This action is part of TST’s commitment to transparency and evidence-based decision-making

Notebook with TST’s Judicial Research and Data Science Secretariat portal

09/04/23 – Last Thursday (31), the Supreme Labor Court launched the portal of the Secretariat of Judicial Research and Data Science of the Supreme Labor Court (SEPJD). Providing residents and labor courts with qualified data and information is part of TST’s commitment to transparency and evidence-based decision-making.

Established in 2022, SEPJD produces official statistical data and operates in managing, organizing and validating databases, as well as promoting and implementing experimental research and diagnostics on labor fairness. This is done in cooperation with the Higher Council for Labor Justice (CSJT) and with the National School for the Training and Improvement of Labor Judges (Enamat) and in partnership with educational or research institutions and other organizations focused on labor production and management. knowledge.

user interface

The home page contains a side menu that provides access to various information about the General Secretariat and the fields of statistics, data science and judicial research. Several buttons redirect the user to areas of interest such as requesting information about judicial research and general calls for public notices and related news. It is also possible to obtain more information on priority projects and products, such as Bem-te-vi, and guidance to courts on DataJud, e-Gestão and TST in Numbers of the CNJ.

Access to information

The “Boards and Publications” list combines statistical data with content produced and compiled by the Secretariat. There can be access to the analyzes prepared by the General Secretariat through reports, committees and periodicals, such as the General Report of the Labor Tribunal, the procedural movement of the TST and the Committee of the National Labor Conciliation Week 2023.

convergence point

The SEPJD portal also promises to be a space where groups from the Employment Justice Judicial Research, Statistics and Data Science Network will be able to connect with teams working with information at the national level regarding employment justice. One example, already underway, concerns the working group responsible for harmonizing courts on statistical data contained in DataJud. The portal will also bring together events and initiatives from across the network.

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