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Travel trends: what Brazilians can expect in 2024 |  a trip

Travel trends: what Brazilians can expect in 2024 | a trip

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The end of the year is approaching, and those who love to travel are already thinking about the destinations they want to visit (or revisit) in 2024. But which destinations do they want to visit (or revisit) in 2024? Travel directions And motivation to pack your bags and enjoy life next year? The research “Travel forecasts for 2024” was commissioned by the platform Booking.comlistened to 27,730 people in 33 countries, and indicated what Brazilians should expect.

The joy of travel

Among the results, Brazilians feel more energetic than ever when on vacation (88%, behind only the Thais and tied with the Chinese), and 79% of them hope that their daily life at home will be closer to the life they live on trips. .

Brazilians say they feel freer and more prepared on holiday trips – Image: Getty Images

Brazil also comes in fourth place (82%, behind Thailand, India and the UAE) among respondents who say they live their best version of themselves on vacation, feeling more free and willing to explore new aspects of their personality when travelling. Nearly seven in ten (68%) responded that they feel like heroes in their journeys and “have the potential to star in their own lives.”

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There is also lip service: 40% of Brazilians said they make up stories about their real lives for people they meet on trips. When it comes to company, nearly a third (31%) will make time in 2024 for a trip that allows them to find new love, while 38% would use a holiday to get over an ex.

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Fun and new destinations

Destinations with moderate temperatures, such as Foz do Iguaçu (PR), which has never been seen before, are among Brazilians’ favorites for next year – Image: Getty Images

Heatwaves also influence the choice of where Brazilians want to travel: 56% are looking for a more moderate climate to cool off, and 70% don’t think twice: if the temperature rises near where they live, they will spend their vacation in a cooler place. However, 86% of travelers to Brazil agree that being near the water brings an immediate feeling of relaxation.

More than half of Brazilian tourists (53%) admitted that they would like to book a surprise trip where everything, including the destination, is unknown until arrival. At least 49% would prefer to venture to alternative destinations, and about a third (28%) wouldn’t mind traveling with strangers.

Sustainable travel apps that allow you to earn rewards sound interesting to 71% of Brazilians. Of those interviewed, 44% would like to have experiences with local people in unknown areas, and 45% would like to visit remote places where access is limited.


Sustainable accommodations with a connection to nature, such as Merante do Gaviao, in Novo Airao (AM), please Brazilians – Photo: Disclosure

The design of the accommodations and the environmental impact of the facilities were taken into account: 51% of Brazilian travelers prefer accommodation with elements of sustainable innovation; 62% want to see sustainability in action, and nearly two-thirds (64%) expect to find green spaces and plants within properties.

Food and rest

Three out of four Brazilians (74%) want to try local cuisine, leading to an increase in typical cultural experiences in destinations that tell the story of the food they serve. There are also those looking for sleep tourism: 58% of Brazilians said they want to travel in 2024 to focus on uninterrupted sleep.

Brazilians say they are willing to pay for “selective” luxuries, such as day use. Pictured is Summerville Resort in Porto de Galinhas, ranked fifth among the best resorts in the world – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @summervilleresort

In 2024, travelers are aiming to enjoy their holidays with ‘à la carte’ luxuries – and experience what it’s like to travel like ‘the rich’, if only for a moment. Of the Brazilians who responded, 62% were willing to pay for day tickets (Daily use) to enjoy the amenities of a 5-star hotel, rather than staying there. In practical terms, 54% plan to choose destinations where the cost of living is cheaper than their hometown.

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In the survey – completed online by adults planning to travel for leisure or business in the next 12 to 24 months – Brazilians also emerge as the fifth nationality that most trusts AI to plan a trip (62%), after the Chinese. Hindi, Thai and Vietnamese.