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Dividends of 8 thousand Brazilian riyals per month with fish industries companies: Learn about the strategy of influencer Carol Dias Investment

From the auxiliary phase of the extinct program Panic on TV In the world of investments, Carol Dias’ career has undergone a major transformation in the last 10 years. At the moment, today’s digital influencer has nothing to complain about. In addition to success on social media, the former model also reaped rewards as an investor. only by Real estate fund profitsMonthly, you get about 8 thousand Brazilian riyals.

With nearly seven million followers – 6.6 million on Instagram alone – Carol was the guest of the Tuesday (13) issue of FIIs . Universitywhich contains a presentation from Maria Fernanda Violati, an analyst at XP, Thiago Otoki, an economist at Clube FII, and Wellington Carvalho, a reporter at Infomoney.

best style skin in game – Who Risks Her Flogging – The influencer told the details of her path as an investor and the relationship she has with real estate fundswhich can also be seen on social media.

“Real estate is for passive income,” Carroll recalls. “Around R$8,000 is a good salary, especially if we compare it to the reality of most Brazilians,” says the financial educator, who is also a financial educator on earnings from the fisheries industries, a product that offers investors an additional monthly income that is exempt from income tax..

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Carol Dias Real Estate Fund Strategy

Real estate funds currently represent 25% of the investment portfolio of Carol Dias, who started building the portfolio ten years ago, shortly before leaving her TV job.

“During this period, I chose the real estate funds that made sense to me,” Carroll says, remembering that each investor has a profile, so what works for her doesn’t necessarily work for other people.

“Many people copy the wallet and this is not recommended,” he warns. “Investors need to know how to study money,” he recommends.

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Carol says she has a habit of reinvesting the dividends received. Oftentimes, it reveals, in the same FII companies that drove the income, it created a snowball effect.

It also says it keeps track of relevant news and facts related to the real estate funds that make up its portfolio, as well as doing a quarterly portfolio rebalancing.

“I’ve specified that I want to have, say, 5% of each fund in my portfolio. If I notice that one is cheaper and now represents a smaller stake in the portfolio, I’ll probably buy more shares in that FII,” Carroll explains.

The influencer does not monitor prices daily in order to avoid acting on emotions more than reason, which is detrimental to the investment strategy set in the beginning.

Achieving financial freedom

In the FIIs . UniversityCarroll also revealed that she has already achieved one of the main goals of investors: financial independence (or freedom).

“Today I can, yes, pay my expenses out of income from a legacy,” Carroll reveals. “It’s not that I’m a billionaire, but that I’m very well balanced with my expenses,” she explains.

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According to her, more important than financial independence is to have the freedom to do the things you really want in life.

But for those who believe that everything has been flowers and profits in the influencer-investor’s journey, she warns that, like everyone else, she also made mistakes before reaching the level of success.

“Initially, I put a large portion of the wealth accumulated up to then into a poor private retirement plan,” he says. “I did not evaluate the quality of the plan and put a large part of my resources in one place.”

Upon revealing the episode on social media, she said she realized that many people had made a wrong decision, and from there, she was more than willing to help other investors. “We learn a lot from our mistakes,” Carol asks.

Carol Dias, Entrepreneur

Behind her involvement in social networks, Carol is in charge of a holding company that runs the Irmãos Dias podcast, which she presents with her brother André Dias, as well as a YouTube channel and a financial education course, both called Richness in Dias.

Last year I released the book towards wealthWhich sold more than 100 thousand copies, and culminated in the work of the previous model.

Find more tips from Carol Dias in yesterday’s edition of Liga de FIIs. Produced by InfoMoney, the show airs every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Infomoney on youtube. You can also review all previous edits.

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