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Topics: Twitter competitor gets launch date with 3D virtual Instagram invite

Topics: Twitter competitor gets launch date with 3D virtual Instagram invite

Update (4/7/2023 – 4:27 PM) – EB

Meta is committed to promoting the launch of its Twitter competitor, Threads. newly The app has reached the App Store and its release date has been confirmedNow, the company has added a default invite that displays when you search for the app on Instagram, to confirm when the threads launch.

The grandmother was referred to by the Al-Bawaba journalist the edge, Alex Heath, who posted a video showing the new digital invitation that appears when searching for threads on Instagram. You can also view the invitation in 3D by searching for it and tapping on the pink icon that appears in the app’s search bar.

In addition, there is a button in the lower area of ​​the screen to receive a reminder when editing topics, in this way you will receive a notification that it is now available.

This is a very clever way to make the app popular, since each invite is individual with your Instagram username, each user will be able to use the same login and password in the new Meta app.

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03 Jul

The new Twitter rival app created by Meta has been leaked before the local network

02 Jul

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Threads: Meta-developed Twitter competitor hits the App Store and gets a release date

Another major integration with Instagram even includes migrating followers to threads. As for the design of the new application, it is noticeable that it copies aspects of Twitter.

Threads have a like, share, and comment button, and users will be able to add photos and videos of up to five minutes to their posts.

In the area of ​​privacy, threads will allow the user to choose who can reply to their posts: the general public, followers, or mentioned people.

However, what really caught many users’ attention is the amount of data Topics can collect, from health information to browsing history.

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