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Xiaomi phones are in danger!  Discover 20 critical security vulnerabilities and see if yours is one of them

Xiaomi phones are in danger! Discover 20 critical security vulnerabilities and see if yours is one of them

A report from security startup Oversecured has been revealed failure Serious security issues in smart phones From Xiaomi, which affects the MIUI interface in addition to the new HyperOS operating system. The vulnerabilities, which have not yet been patched, allow cybercriminals to access confidential information on devices, compromising their security.

Several defects were found, according to the report. In light of this, the alert is directed to owners of the brand’s smartphones to take more care to ensure data security.

Malfunctions in Xiaomi smartphones

According to the report, at least 20 worrying flaws were identified in Cell phone From the brand. The startup presented the result to Xiaomi in April this year.

Despite this, the company has not yet commented on the measures it will take to resolve the defects, which may threaten user safety. Among the problems identified by the startup:

Unrestricted access: Flaws grant applications unnecessary system privileges, allowing cybercriminals to perform malicious actions and steal files.

Exposed data: Sensitive information such as app logs, photos, videos, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data, and even… Contacts It can be accessed and exploited by hackers.

Lack of updates: Despite being notified at the end of April, Xiaomi has yet to comment on the flaws nor issue updates to correct them.

The security startup’s report doesn’t specify which Xiaomi models are affected, but the potential for a large number of devices to be compromised is worrying. At the same time, owners of the brand’s smartphones should take some basic precautions.

Among them, be very careful with applications. Download apps only from trusted sources and keep them updated to always have the latest security versions. It is also helpful to use a reliable antivirus to protect your device.

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Moreover, getting into the habit of monitoring smartphone activities to identify any suspicious behavior is an interesting strategy. Furthermore, specify strong, preferably unique, passwords for each account, in addition to adopting two-factor authentication.