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In July, Apple will delete photos on iPhones and iPads

In July, Apple will delete photos on iPhones and iPads

Attention Apple users! Last Monday, the 26th, the big tech announced that its “My Photo Sharing” service, which provides access to recent photos taken with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, including photos that a customer has uploaded to a Mac or PC, will be Available closed. And now? Understand this story.

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From July 26 of this year, all materials on the resource will be permanently deleted! The mechanism invented by Steve Jobs automatically stores photos and keeps them in space for a month. holds up to a thousand photos; However, the company has decided to end the service in 2023. Check out more details throughout the text.

Apple strikes again

The feature that will be canceled has the function of storing photos taken with the device. These images are saved on both the device and the drive. Worked as a kind of alternative for those who did not want to sign on plans iCloud Payments.

in this time , icloud Offering 5GB of space for free, it can store nearly 3,500 photos, surpassing the previous limit of 1,000 “My Photo Sharing”. It should be noted that the service previously had a storage period of one month. Now, there is no set period.

It is possible to save images before they are permanently deleted

Apple still clarifies in its statement that shutting down will not cause loss of photos, as they will continue to be saved on the smartphone. However, if it is in the cloud, the materials may become more vulnerable if the device is stolen or lost.

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One point to note is that this decision will not affect those who are using any of the paid plans, if they have space available. Now, those who want to keep photos safe should keep in mind that it is important to perform this process storage in another space. This can be done on both iPhone and iMac.

In the first option, the user has to access the Photos app, find the Share album, and select whatever they want to save. This will store the image on the device.

On an iMac, the process is more or less the same. The user needs to open the Photos application, find the album, select the material and start dragging it to the computer library.