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Tite uses the Copa America for the tests and promotes the internal differences in the national team – 13/06/2021

Tite uses the Copa America for the tests and promotes the internal differences in the national team – 13/06/2021

Tite wants to be a two-time champion America’s Cup, but will use this year’s edition to power the cast. Yesterday (12), the coach said that the Brazilian national team is aware of the nepotism responsibility to play at home again, but that A competition like this allows for more testing than knockoutsThe team needs to win to qualify for Qatar 2022 and cannot give a chance to risk.

The first test for this lab sequence is today (13), 6pm, in Brasilia, against Venezuela, and he will receive the following training: Alisson; Danilo, Eder Militao, Marquinhos and Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Fred and Lucas Paqueta; NeymarRicharlson and Gabriel Jesus.

Against Ecuador and Paraguay, the coach has already shown some of the options available to him with the selected athletes. Now, for the debut, the leader will encourage further changes that already indicate some internal struggles in order to get a position not only among the holders, but also in the group that follows the World Cup cycle.

Renan Lodi x Alex Sandro

After the start of the two qualifying matches, Alex Sandro will watch from the bench Renan Lodi regain his place in the team. Highlighting Tite’s new gaming system before the pandemic cripple footballThe Atletico Madrid full-back has emerged playing almost like a striker in the 2-4-5 tactical formation, but he usually has less defensive strength compared to his opponent.

Five players on the way out doesn’t change, Lodi could be on the wide side, and Alex Sandro could be. Who is more aggressive? Lodi. But the one who has the first third is Alex Sandro, who gives you the possibility to play your midfielder up front and he is the fifth, and then you have two side players, with two midfielders and a striker and also with five players in the offensive phase. The structure and the idea remain the same in balance.”

Paqueta has regressed and evolved without taking responsibility for being a proliferating midfielder

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Who follows the captain?

It’s a fact that Casemiro is the ultimate team player. More so, he will now also own the captain’s belt on his debut. The doubt goes back to who will keep him in the company in the sector that has labeling responsibilities, but he also cooperates a lot with getting the ball out. In today’s match, Fred and Lucas Paqueta will have the chances, but the sector still has Douglas Luiz as a contender.

The Aston Villa athlete is delighted with the commission, and despite being suspended for the yellow card for the match against Ecuador, he has been called up to train with the group and has a chance against Paraguay. His exit from the ball caught the attention of Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City coach. Back in the fight and also to compete directly with Casemiro, the cast still owns Fabinho. Arthur, apparently, lost space.

10 positions?

Neymar is the number 10 shirt holder, and in recent matches, he has also been chosen to serve as the team’s goalkeeper, always free to create. With the team’s launch for the day, the PSG player will likely return to focusing more on the sides, but with the traditional freedom given by the committee to go into other sectors if necessary. The performance against Paraguay with him in this role received many acclaim from the committee, and also gave more mobility to the front staff.

Another option for breeding is Everton Ribeiro. On a bad stage at Flamengo, he was called up because Tite knew he was back to his best, but physical problems left him without a chance to play in the qualifiers. In the end, the team’s good performance without him ends up putting more pressure on the Flamengo player.

Gabriel Jesus during the Brazil national team match against Ecuador - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

hardest fight

The most competitive sector of choice is in the future. GabigolGabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino and Richarlison are fighting for space. Depending on the training, three of them can work simultaneously. Today, the Flamengo player and Liverpool athlete will be on the bench. The idea is for Jesus and Richarlison to move a lot forward, sometimes changing positions on the pitch and, if necessary, even covering Neymar at the time of the reconfiguration depending on the moment of the match.

The sector still has other possibilities, such as Everton Cebolinha, who was one of the highlights of the Copa America in 2019, and Vini Junior, who is battling for space after making good games in the final phase of the season for the tournament. Real Madrid.

They want a place in the sun

Finally, if he fulfills the idea of ​​managing the group, Tite can give a chance to some of the names that have already been called up, often on the main team’s radar, but struggle the most to get minutes on the field.

Felipe during the training of the Brazilian national team - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF - Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Felipe wants space in the back

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Emerson has already been called up five times, but has played in two games. He’ll be on the Olympic team, but Daniel Alves’ cut saw him move up to the first team. So far, he has not managed to dislodge Danilo. Felipe is in a similar situation, with only 12 calls and two matches. He wouldn’t be on this list had it not been for the injury to Lucas Verissimo.

Finally, Vini Júnior is also trying to win a feud with Everton Cebolinha first and then Tite shows that he has already developed tactically and deserves to continue on the first team roster. He appeared in the last part of Real, he was called up more times, but he showed flaws that made the commission, on occasion, prefer to call Rodrygo.

In goal, Weaverton, from Palmeiras, expects an opportunity. Considered by many to be the best in the country, he needs to defeat two European giants who are also fighting a special duel in favor of coach and four-time champion, Claudio Taffarel: Alisson and Ederson.

data sheet
Brazil x Venezuela

ContestCopa America (first round of group stage)
date/time: June 13, 2021 (Sunday) 6:00 pm
Rule: Esteban Otogic (Uruguay)
helpers: Carlos Barreiro and Martin Sobe (both from Uruguay)
Fourth referee: Jerry Vargas (Bolivia)
Where: Julio Bascuñan (Chile)

Brazil: Alison. Danilo, Eder Militao, Marquinhos and Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Fred and Lucas Paqueta; Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison and Neymar. idiomatic: Tate.

Venezuela: Graterol. Alexander Gonzalez, Ferraresi, Adrian Martinez, Luis Mago e Yohan Cumana; Casser, Moreno, Savarino e Siles; Aristotle. idiomatic: Jose Pesero.

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