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Penta players justify their absence in the wake of Pele on social media

Penta players justify their absence in the wake of Pele on social media

With the end of the funeral skin And of all the marches in Santos, the absence of the players occupied Fifth World Championship for BrazilI jumped into the eyes. through social media, Kafu And the Rivaldo Explain why they are not in the final farewell to Football king.

The captain of the Brazilian national team at the 2002 World Cup, Cafu explained through a long Instagram video that he was in Frankfurt and could not expect to return to Brazil to arrive in time for Pele’s wake.

“Unfortunately and with all my regret I couldn’t be on Pele’s heels, I’m on the other side of the world, at work, I started my travels back to Brazil this morning with a few stops that will only get me to Brazil tomorrow. I had a full understanding of leaving before “But I couldn’t anticipate the flights or even reduce the stops with more direct flights, unfortunately I couldn’t. Does that change how I feel about Pele, or what he means to me and football? Never!”, Cafu’s publication reads.

Rivaldo used social media to explain his absence from Pele’s funeral
take photo: (Photo by Mauro Pimentel / AFP)

On the other hand, Rivaldo used a video of an interview with Pele himself to explain why he was away for the last minute with the King of Football. According to the publication, the holder of No. 10 for Brazil in the 2002 World Cup assumed that he did not like to be honored at this moment.

I would like to explain this story that the media says that no player has attended Pele’s funeral five times. I speak for myself, even if I was in Brazil, I’m not sure if I would wake up even though I know Pele was the best ever. I don’t like being honored at this time, I’m not against anyone wanting to do it. I met Pele, had many times with him and had the opportunity to honor and honor him in life. I showed my love and admiration for him every moment and he always thanked me for it. No one would change the respect and admiration I had and still have for him for not going to the vigil. The best tribute in life and that’s what I did with a very clear conscience.”

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