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750,000 Rls / month and two years into the contract: Marco Silva gains strength to take over Inter

750,000 Rls / month and two years into the contract: Marco Silva gains strength to take over Inter

a international Already in Salvador for the match against Bahia, soon, at 20:30 (Brasilia time), for the third round of the Brazilian Championship. With Miguel Angel Ramirez fired last Friday (11), Osmar Los temporarily leads the team at Arena Petoaso with a team that will not have flu symptoms like Marcelo Lomba and Saravia.

Colorado needs to win in order not to fall behind in the rankings. So far, Inter have added a point from their first match against Sport, as they tied 2-2 after taking a 2-0 lead. In the sequence, she was crushed 5-1 in favor of Fortaleza. Therefore, the three points are essential to further calm the trend at Beira-Rio, who are looking for a new captain for the season.

So far, the names of Maurício Barbieri, of Red Bull Bragantino, and Lisca, of América-MG, as well as Diego Aguirre, who is currently no club, have been the most discussed names at the top of CT Parque Gigante. Even Abel Braga, who captained the team in the final stage of Brazil 2020, joined the conversation when asked if he would accept a return to the club.

Abel has not ruled out a return to Inter, but so far he has not received an invitation (Photo: Juliana Filster/Getty Images)

It is worth noting that Abel has already arrived in Lugano from Switzerland, but he is hoping for the gate Colorada Magazine: “I can tell if they (Inter) come to me by chance”. So far, President Alessandro Barcelos and football director Paulo Brax have not looked for the Colorado star, who is carrying his bags packed to Europe.

A while ago, colleague Alexander Ernst, from Gateway to Voices of the Giant, Updated negotiations with Portuguese Marco Silva. Find out what Inter Milan has written about the final selection of the former Everton boss, who was on the São Paulo roster before Hernan Crespo was announced.

“The name Marco Silva () is the happiest direction for Inter. Técnico is good in the group. He ranges between 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 and he is good at playing. A game of pressing, attacking and suggestion, he is in Portugal For now, but at the suggestion of Fenerbahce on his table.

Portugal’s Marco Silva is one of Inter’s favorites to replace Ramirez (Picture: Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

This problem with the Turks may be a problem for Inter. Last week, Silva will have to provide an answer to Fenerbahce in the next few days. Nothing is closed with Beira-Rio. But there is optimism to close the club and the coach.

There was no discussion about the duration of the contract. But it is said within two years, extended to three years, based on performance and achievements. The salary of the entire technical committee will be around R$750,000 per month. Inter are expected to resume talks with the coach on Monday.”

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