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Tite is asked about Gabigol's absence from the Flamengo concert and he reveals the veil

Tite is asked about Gabigol's absence from the Flamengo concert and he reveals the veil

Even without entering the field Gabigol He was in the spotlight Flamengo's Guanabara Cup title was confirmed, after defeating Madureira 3-0last Saturday (02), in front of the crowded Maracana.

After being rejected by the medical department due to muscle problems, No. 10 did not go to the field to celebrate the achievement with his teammates.

Fullback Wesley, who did not play for the same reason, was present at the celebration.

When asked about Gabigol's absence from Flamengo's squad, coach Tite downplayed the matter.

“Gabi is a great athlete and he has to be in top form for Flamengo to win this. Flamengo, as an entity, is the greatest above all else,” said the coach, who revealed the player's great behavior before the ball rolled.

“Before entering the field, he was the one who asked to speak in the locker room. Do you know what he said? ‘I appreciate it a lot, because it is great to be on the inside.’ He was part of that integration.”

The president denied leaving

In addition to his absence from the field after the end of the match against Madureira, Gabigol was also a key element in Flamengo's victory due to Rodolfo Landim's strong statement about the future of the striker, who has a contract with Rubro Negro only until December and is still alive. TV series about bond extension.

“He will not leave Flamengo,” the coach said. “I am the president. He has a contract with Flamengo. The fans can rest assured of that.”

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Gabigol has Eight matches Played in 2024 by Flamengo, two of them as starters, and Brace taught by Carioca Championship.

Since 2019 at Flamengo, the striker has only had a contract with the club until December of this year. In other words: When there are six months left until the end of the contract, the number 10 will be able to sign a pre-contract for free with any other team.