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TikTok outperforms YouTube in content consumption in the US

TikTok outperforms YouTube in content consumption in the US

TikTok has only seen an increase in watch time on the platform since it overtook YouTube in the US and UK – in August and May 2020, respectively.

Although the app analytics company App Annie’s report only considers Android users, it is reasonable to assume that the same growth behavior is also observed in other devices and in other countries. After all, TikTok dances all over the place.

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Consumption is equal to 1 day per month

In the US, the ByteDance app overtook YouTube for the first time in August of last year on Android phones. As recently as June 2021, its users watched more than 24 hours of content per month, compared to 22 hours and 40 minutes on Google’s video platform.

In the UK, the difference is even more stark: TikTok overtook YouTube in May last year. Currently, users there watch approximately 26 hours of content per month, compared to less than 16 hours on YouTube.

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Despite threats that it will be banned in the US, in 2020, adherence to the app has remained firm. This is also intriguing because most of his videos are 3 minutes long – while the preferred format on YouTube is 10 minutes.

If you’re curious to know exactly how TikTok succeeds, App Annie thinks the reasons are “a short video, original content, and a live stream”. So it’s no surprise that YouTube is trying to emulate the short video format by launching YouTube Shorts.

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YouTube still prevails

Looking at Android phones only, YouTube still ranks first in terms of time spent among “social and entertainment apps” in the first half of this year in the world.

TikTok appears in fifth place, behind three Facebook apps: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

YouTube is still ahead in total time spent, no doubt due to its 2 billion users compared to the nearly 700 million users of TikTok, BBC News notes.

App Annie’s data also shows that users also spend more money on YouTube than TikTok on iOS and Android worldwide (with the exception of Android users in China).

Comment below which of the two you’re scrolling through: TikTok or YouTube.

Source: the edge