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Tiago Leifert stops following ex BBBs on Instagram after they support Ícaro Silva

Tiago Leifert stops following ex BBBs on Instagram after they support Ícaro Silva

Thiago Levert and Acaro Silva (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

Criticism between James Leverett e Icarus Silva On the Internet I got another chapter. After the actor sent an open letter on the social network in which the former presenter of “Big Brother Brazil” and reality show blew up, Leifert stopped following some former BBBs on Instagram who agreed with Ícaro.

Among them: Papo Santana, Thelma Assis, Grazie Masafira, and Manu Gavasi.

On Wednesday (22), Ícaro Silva used social media to explain the comment he made about “BBB”Which led to controversy. The actor even responded to Thiago Levert, who said that the network was “paying his salary” and that he should look for jobs elsewhere.

See in full:

Hi Brasilzão, good morning! I am making use of my response to @tiagoleifert’s message here to talk to you all. First thing: Thanks for the loving messages of support! Hate speech is not new in this country, and we have seen in recent years what polarization can do, so I am not shocked by the sewage flowing from other people’s disagreement. Started Okaru, thank you very much for your concern.

“Important things to say: I deeply respect the course of those who have been on reality shows and know how to push themselves toward their dreams. As much as I am not enthusiastic about the entertainment provided by facts of this nature, I do not even have the moral capacity to question who is embarking on this proposal for private reasons them. I have participated in 3 reality shows and one of them, “Show dos Famosos” (High Quality Entertainment), was decisive in my career”, he continued.

“If ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Round 6’, for example, were real-life entertainment products and I said they were a hateful, semi-human slaughterhouse, I wouldn’t attack Katniss Everdeen or Seong Ji Hoon, because they each have their own reasons to be in a race for money/ My opinion, which I have expressed, and I admit, has to do with some outrage at a culture of human exposure and exploitation to the extremes experienced by the realities of incarceration, but also to a large extent also the low morality of the gossip “journalism,” which insists on using my name to spread false news.”

“One way or another, my goal has been achieved: to deny the rumors that I will be at BBB. At the beginning of the year I have beautiful and special projects that I will share with you soon and I do not want to be a victim of parasitic speculation on this type of vehicle, despite the presence of an audience that consumes it. I have been dramatic and intense in the way in which I expressed myself and for this I apologize to my mother, sister and friends who were so concerned about the onslaught of hate from social media. I conclude by deeply thanking my “ex bbbs” friends who have called or sent me messages of support and understanding. Only those who live “show business “Know. Kiss!” he finished.

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