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Thieves break into the "Lupin" group in Paris and steal equipment - Metro World News Brasil

Thieves break into the “Lupin” group in Paris and steal equipment – Metro World News Brasil

In a statement issued last Wednesday, the second, Netflix confirmed that it was stolen from its film set in Paris, where the third part of the series “Lupin” is being filmed. According to a Netflix spokesperson statement to Entertainment Weekly, “An incident occurred on February 25 during filming for the next season of Lupine. The cast and crew are safe and no injuries occurred. Now we are resuming filming.”

The thieves used fireworks to quiet the noise from the theft that took place on the set in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris. Equipment worth $300,000 was stolen, according to information from Agence France-Presse.

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Since November last year, the third part of “Lupine” has been taped, according to a post on Netflix’s official Twitter account.

The theft is also on the set of The Crown

On Thursday, February 24, Netflix confirmed that antique props and replicas had been stolen from the set of ‘The Crown’. Yorkshire Police are monitoring the incident, and according to Netflix, the total stolen is more than 150,000 pounds, equivalent to about 1.02 million Brazilian riyals. The case has been investigated and is now on file, according to Yorkshire Police.

The stolen items were taken from the filming location in Doncaster, Yorkshire, also known as York County. It is a historic county in the north of England and is the largest county in the United Kingdom.

One of the items stolen, according to information from the BBC, is a replica of a rare Faberge egg. The original piece was acquired by King George V, grandfather of Queen Elizabeth in 1933. According to information from Royal Collection ChestFaberge egg belonging to the collection of British monarchs and is the Imperial Easter egg with a rotating clock.

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