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Tiago Leifert presents "Domingão do Faustão" and interacts with the web

Tiago Leifert presents “Domingão do Faustão” and interacts with the web

The announcer was chosen to run the Sunday show instead of Fausto Silva and received a lot of praise from the audience

The expectation was great!

He was chosen to replace him Fausto Silva (71), Who is hospitalized recovering from a urinary tract infection التهابAnd the James Leverett (41) verb Domingu Faustau On June 13. The journalist won many praises from famous people and unknown people.

On social networks, ex BBBs Gilles de Vigor (29), Thema Access (36) Actress Fernanda Paes Lim (38) and other artists admired the prowess of the presenter BBB e do brazilian sound.

“Tiago Leifert, I’m a huge fan of you! You are great at presenting any program”Gil said. “Tiago Leifert, I’m a huge fan of you! You are great at presenting any program”It confirmed its value. “Tiago shook a lot! Can you imagine this challenge? But he succeeded.”commented Sophia Abrahu (30) which is in summary Super celebrity dance.

Netizens also praised Leifert. “You shook, Thiago Levert! Congratulations, you deserve to stay on Sunday!”One reviewer said. “Titi did it with the mission of replacing Faustão. This guy is a monster, I’m a fan”Another commented. “Globo has found a successor to Faustão. Tiago Leifert, the greatest communicator in the country today”, shoot another one, remember that Fausto has already announced that he will leave the station in 2022 and go to the Band.

Thiago Levert talks about the presentation of “Domingao”

At the beginning SundayThiago Levert told viewers that Globo had considered airing a rebroadcast on Sunday the 13th, however, Faustão insisted audiences had an unprecedented release.

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on stage , Leifert said he was very proud to select it to run the program for the first time. “[…] Faustão gave me this assignment. I’m very proud. I’d rather be at home in my pajamas, I’d rather Faustau be here.”The presenter said.

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