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This is the reason Meghan Markle will not return to the UK

This is the reason Meghan Markle will not return to the UK

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their resignations as senior members of the British royal family in early 2020, much has been said about the possibility of both returning to live in the UK. Since then, they have lived in California, in Santa Barbara, United States, but they continue to rent a country house in England. This year the rent has been renewed all inclusive.

In an interview with Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Tom Power, royal writer and researcher said: “At the moment, Meghan’s ultimate fate is unclear, but she certainly has the backing of an offer to play a starring role in American politics. At the same time, Britain is a lost cause for Sussex.” In fact, I suspect Meghan no longer cares if she is welcomed to London. She has no intention of returning.”

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In the UK, Tom Power has been called “the most feared biographer”. He is working on a book about the Duchess of Sussex and attributes her rejection of the country to her declining popularity and rising approval ratings in the United States.

After having a Hollywood-style wedding in Windsor, she spent the following year complaining about the treatment of her by the British media and the royal family. His hypocrisy began to undermine his popularity. Despite her reputation waning in Britain, Meghan is still admired in the United States.

Prince Harry in a court battle to return safely to the UK

In February, Prince Harry launched a legal battle in the UK’s High Court of Justice against the UK Home Office. The Duke of Sussex is asking the ministry to cover the expenses and provide police protection for him, Meghan Markle and their children when they travel to the UK.

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Harry and Meghan lost the police protection paid by the British crown when they gave up their positions as senior members of the British royal family in early 2020. Harry’s lawyer said he and Meghan would like to take their children to the UK from time to time, but he also said it was a very dangerous journey.

Harry argues that the US special security team has no outside jurisdiction or access to British intelligence, making a family trip back home too risky.

Harry’s lawyer said the Duke would prefer to privately fund his and his family’s security, but that the impossibility of his team having jurisdiction to take more effective action outside the US makes his security team inadequate.