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“They said this is not a serious matter for women.”

“They said this is not a serious matter for women.”

Actress Paula Oliveira posted a video clip on her Instagram account on Saturday, 17th of this month, in which she showcases her participation as the queen of drums in a band. Big river It was at this carnival that he earned praise for his jaguar costume and his performance in front of the judges. Despite enjoying success today at Carnival, the actress shared the criticism she received when she started the show, much of which was related to her work as an actress and points to prejudice against women who dedicate themselves to being the queen of drums.

The video is part of the mini web series that Paula has published on her networks called “Kaarna Paula”.

In the photos, Paula is seen preparing to enter the street, while playing a musical version of the song I need to find me, in Topper. “Every time I'm here, I think, 'If I don't think I'm supposed to be here today, that this isn't a place for a serious woman, that this interferes with my work… if I weren't here to live,' says the actress. [isso]…” he says in a choked voice as he walks along Sabukai.

Backstage, the actress asks: “How many battles have you fought without anyone knowing?” After the show, she hoarsely shouted: “This time, I'm an animal!”, referring to her jaguar costume – the theme of the show. Big river This year it was the legend surrounding the jaguar.

Paula ends the 2024 Carnival cycle in style: she enters Sabukai once again, this time, on the stage of the Parade of Champions on Saturday the 17th of this month. In 2025, she will once again parade through the school.

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