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Sydney France is the new Manguera Carnival

Sydney France is the new Manguera Carnival

Estação Primeira de Mangueira has announced the appointment of carnival artist Sidnei França, who was in charge of the Vai-Vai parade for the 2024 Carnival.

“With reinvention and forward-thinking, we introduce our new carnival: Sydney Fransa. Fransa is a prominent figure in the carnival scene, working as a carnival artist, artistic director, author and speaker. His career is distinguished by extensive experience in developing artistic and cultural projects, as well as his expertise in event management and production.

Born into samba, França has a strong connection to Carnival: her mother was a dancer in the Mosidad Alegre, and at the age of two she started going to the court.

At the SP Carnival, he was champion of Mocidade Alegre – in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014 – and Aguia de Ouro at Carnival 2020. Thanks to his vast experience, Sidnei França is known not only for his creativity and talent, but also for his skills. Leadership and team management skills, demonstrated in his stints at different samba schools, such as Unidos de Vila Maria, Gaviões da Fiel and Águia de Ouro. His contribution to Carnival goes beyond parades, leaving a lasting legacy in the Brazilian artistic and cultural world.

Let's make Manguera the heroine of the carnival together!
Come on nation!

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