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These three people have amazing skills that science can't explain

These three people have amazing skills that science can’t explain

Science is a tool we created as humans to explain, through knowledge, phenomena that occur according to verified laws, such as Newton’s laws or the law of gravitation. However, there is still Unsolved mysteries Science and the scientific method.

Some people even share apparent “superpowers”, which science is trying to explain how they happen. These unique abilities give these people unique abilities, such as: super memory capacity, high flexibility, etc.

1) Stephen Wiltshire, the man of perfect memory

Londoner Stephen’s skill may seem like an amazing ability to draw, but it’s so much more than that. He is not a typical artist. Stephen has the “superpower” to decorate large groups and reproduce them only in his works Observe the landscape for a few minutes.

At one point, the perfect memory man, as he is known, flew a twenty-minute helicopter flight over New York City.

Thanks to his photographic memory, he was able to reproduce every part of the city in his drawings, including the exact number of windows in the city’s buildings.

2) Huff win the iceman

The Dutchman Wayne Hof left all the scholars who came to study it in awe. The supernatural strength of this man is the “inhuman” ability to withstand extreme temperatures. His skill earned him many broken records and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Among his unique feats is that he climbs an iceberg in sneakers and shorts (that’s right, no shirt or any kind of protection), runs through the desert without food and water, in 50°C heat, and completely covered in ice for about two hours.

3) Daniel Browning Smith, Rubber Man

Definitely Daniel is the man More flexible From earth. His flexibility is so impressive that it seems that the American simply does not have any bones in his body.

He holds the title of five times the most flexible person in the world, according to the Book of Records. Daniel appeared in many shows and shows, where he always showed his unique skill.

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