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Acre Health reports a case of rabies in humans;  The patient is in a coma

Acre Health reports a case of rabies in humans; The patient is in a coma

In a note, the Ministry of Health of Acre (Sesacre), through the Municipal Health Administration of Brazil, reported on Tuesday (16) the registration of a case of human rabies, in the border city of Cobija, in Bolivia.

According to Sesacre, the patient is in a coma and has no history of dog or cat bites. The injury was diagnosed last Thursday (11).

Head of the Strategic Information Center for Health Surveillance (Cievs) in Sesacre, Débora dos Santos, notes that if rabies is suspected, communication is essential for monitoring and analysis. In the event of a possible infection, a person should go to a health facility as soon as possible for primary care.

“The health professional is the person who evaluates, and supports, a protocol that checks whether the animal has a history of vaccination and whether it is aggressive, among other factors,” he said.

preventive action

In Brazil, on Monday (15) the rabies vaccination campaign for dogs and cats began.

What is human anger?

The disease is characterized by neurological symptoms in animals and humans. The virus multiplies at the site of infection, travels to the nervous system, and from there, to various organs, especially the salivary glands, and is eliminated by saliva.

It is spread in home environments, in animals such as dogs and cats, as well as in foxes, bats, horses and cows and is transmitted mainly by bites, scratches or licking of mucous membranes and infected skin.

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