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There will be a change in the women's team for the final against the USA

Photo: Leandro Lopes/CBF – Caption: Arthur George C0pa studies new tactics to lead Brazil to another win at Ouro. Will the title come to the Americans? / Play10

Coach Arthur George was short and blunt at a press conference ahead of the Gold Cup final between Brazil and the USA on Saturday night (9/3). He said everyone will see changes compared to the last games. But this is not a drawback as he is very satisfied with the team's evolution and maturity during the tournament. Remember that Brazil have had a 100% campaign (five wins). The reason, he explains:

“Every game I changed the starting line-up, changed strategies. During the game we always had an exit plan and a plan. It was coordinated by the team. It will be no different against the USA.”

Much respect to America

But testing new tactics against a powerful team like the USA, who have won 31 of 39 games against Brazil and lost just three? Could this be because the US didn't play well, losing to Mexico and advancing to the finals after beating Canada on penalties? With words, Arthur George.

“The U.S. team is very strong. They lost to Mexico in an unusual game. They didn't perform well, and then they recovered and made it to the finals. We had an unusual game when we played poorly in our debut, but we won (1-0 against Puerto Rico) and we will face a strong team. “We know that. But we are also strong and it's time for the national team to show their joy and talent and our maturity on the field. It's clear that the US will come to our line, there will be dangerous dead balls. However, we are on track for talent and we have strategies for this final.” He said.

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Brazil will face USA in this Gold Cup final at 10:15 pm (Brasilia time). This Sunday's game (10/3) will be at the Snapdragon in San Diego. If they win and win the title, it will be the first time the women's team has beaten the Americans in the final.

Coach Arthur George will analyze the new players

Arthur George highlighted that the main purpose of the Gold Cup is to analyze athletes aiming for the Olympic Games. And this objective was achieved. However, the analysis period is not over. So, his next step will be to invite new athletes to the She Believes Cup in April.

“In a few days I will make a new call, with the intention of calling the players who are not here in the Gold Cup. I want to analyze more considering the French games.”

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