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The White House warns that funds allocated to aid Kiev will soon run out

The White House warns that funds allocated to aid Kiev will soon run out

“sJohn Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said: “We only have one envelope of aid left” before the money allocated to Ukraine runs out.

This official refused to specify the size of this new aid package, which is expected during next December.

The US Congress has committed more than $110 billion (100 billion euros at the current exchange rate) since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, but Republican members of Congress are blocking an important aid package and demanding major changes in US immigration policy. Including stricter measures on the border with Mexico.

A few days before Congress recessed, lawmakers approved the 2024 defense budget, making $300 million (247 million euros) available to Kiev, a small amount compared to the $61 billion (56 thousand million euros) requested by the United States. White House.

Kirby urged Congress to “act without delay” to avoid ending aid shipments: “This is clearly in our national interest and our assistance is essential so that Ukraine can continue its fight for freedom.”

Kirby also stressed that President Joe Biden is “prepared to negotiate in good faith and with commitment,” noting that the North American executive branch is negotiating with members of Congress about border security and funding for Ukraine and Israel.

The so-called “National Defense Authorization Law”, worth 805.8 billion euros – which applies to the current fiscal year that began last October 1 – was approved Thursday in the House of Representatives (House of Representatives), after receiving the light. Green of Parliament. Senate on Wednesday.

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The initiative was approved after months of intense negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

The budget includes an increase in military salaries by 5.2%, in addition to providing the necessary funding for various Pentagon programs.

Among them is $11.5 billion (10.4 billion euros) to combat Beijing’s influence in the South China Sea.

However, most military aid to Kiev remains tied up in Congress, where Republicans have blocked the emergency budget package sent by Biden.

The value of this package is $106 billion (96.4 billion euros) and includes $61 billion (55.4 billion euros) for Ukraine and $15 billion (13.6 billion euros) for Israel, but Republicans are demanding the implementation of a more restrictive immigration policy in the country. Exchange for approval.

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