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The vote indicates who left after the Prova da Virada news

The vote indicates who left after the Prova da Virada news

Daniel Tocco, Julia Garcia and Gisele Soares are in the danger zone in A Grande Conquista. The Hot Spot formed on Wednesday (12) with the elimination of Murilo Dias and the victory of Sandra Melquiades in Profa da Verada. Who Should Stay On Record’s Reality Show? Vote in the poll the news.

On the live version of the programme, Mariana Rios announced Morello’s elimination. just received 19.11The percentage of votes remaining in the competition. The influencer replied, “Thank you, Brazil. I just have to thank you. Victory or defeat, just thank you.”

Next, the presenter invites Julia, Giselle, and Sandra to compete in a dynamic that will only save one of them from the popular vote. “Each one of you will choose an assistant for today’s test. It’s agility. The assistant who wins with one of you will get R$10,000,” he explained.

Julia Natalia chose Deodato, Giselle chose Thiago Cervo, and Sandra Gabriel chose Rosa. In the test area, the competitors had the task of finding balls inside a sand tank. Then, with the help of their partners, they needed to pass the balls across the foosball table to put them in the tray. It was necessary to put eight balls on the rack.

Sandra and Gabrielle were faster and won with dynamism. Rico Melquiades’ mother dismissed the possibility of her elimination, even suggesting a rival would replace her in the danger zone. She chose to nominate Daniel Tucco.

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