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Find out how to sign up for free on the first day of the event

Find out how to sign up for free on the first day of the event

Another great release from Anime Friends Coming to Sao Paulo and she has great news for all those interested in attending the event. The surprise is the celebration of 20 years.

Anime Friends is set to take place at Anhembi, one of the largest events in Latin America focusing on oriental pop culture, which will take place between July 13th and 16th. Also, for manga, anime, and K-pop fans looking forward to the event, there’s a nice surprise in store. This is because they can enter for free on the first day i.e. tomorrow, July 13th.

The gift will be in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the event and the result of a partnership between the Maru Division company responsible for organizing the entire event, together with the Minister of Tourism of the Municipality of São Paulo.

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How will tickets work?

According to the information available about tickets, they must be guaranteed through the official website of Ticket 360, whose release began on Tuesday (11), from noon. Regarding the number of tickets each person can issue, there will only be two.

Therefore, to ensure that each person takes only two tickets, it will be necessary to use the CPF, and this includes both the entry of documents for children, the elderly and people with some kind of special needs.

The event annually brings together lovers and fans of oriental pop culture in an environment full of activities related to this type of content, such as lectures, panels, musical performances, cosplay competitions, film screenings, series, product booths, and more. .

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The history of Anime Friends began in 2003 and since then it has become one of the biggest events of anime and oriental culture here in Brazil.

Read an excerpt from what Giuliano Annetelli, CEO of the company responsible for organizing the event, said:

“Our team worked hard to bring this gift to the people of São Paulo. We know that many people would like to celebrate with us, but they don’t have the resources. Opening the gates for free at the opening of our historic edition is a response to the support that people from São Paulo have given the event over the years. twenty years.”