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The US says it is investigating China’s defense minister

The US says it is investigating China’s defense minister

Li Shangu will be prosecuted for purchasing military equipment; He was not seen in public for over 2 weeks

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu, who has not been seen in public for more than two weeks, is under investigation by Chinese authorities, the US government believes. Information from Financial Times.

According to a regional security official and three people in direct contact with the military, the investigation was reportedly initiated after the minister took possession of military equipment.

Li Shangfu was sworn in as China’s defense minister in March. oh Financial Times The White House and the Chinese embassy have not commented on the case, he said.

The move comes two months after Chinese President Xi Jinping fired the top two generals of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force, which oversees the country’s rapidly expanding arsenal of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons.

In July, China was already there Changed the command of the Ministry of External Affairs. At that time, the former minister Kin Gang also did not come out in public for more than 1 month. The government replaced Gang with Wang Yi, then director of the Office of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Commission.

In addition to Li, eight employees from China’s military procurement division were also investigated. Information from Reuters.

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