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The US Fdic is set to resume SVB sales, with potential asset divestitures, sources say Companies

Silicon Valley Bank – Photo: Getty Images

A Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (Fdic) It plans to resume sales in the US Silicon Valley Bank After failing to attract interested parties, the US regulator looked into the possibility of divesting the company’s assets, sources close to the matter said.

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One of the options being examined by the regulator is a sale process involving SVB’s private bank, for which offers are valid until Wednesday, one of the sources said. High net worth individuals.

The Fdic will open bidding for SVB’s depository bank, which is part of its retail operations and includes all account holder deposits, in a separate bidding process on Friday, the sources said, warning that plans could change. FDIC officials declined to comment.

Bids for the entire SVB must be delivered by Sunday. The Fdic, which guarantees deposits, has already told banks it is considering retaining some of the two firms’ loss-making assets in the SVB and Signature Bank auctions.

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